Snowtown (Justin Kurzel, 2011)

I watched Justin Kurzel’s film Snowtown a while back. I kind of wish I hadn’t, as its unforgettably bleak and horrific, a real gaze into the abyss. It’s based on real life events, a series of murders that took place in Davoren Park in Adelaide, Australia between 1992-98. The ringleader of these killings was a man called John Bunting, who pulled several other people with him into these murders, which were carried out with extreme sadism. The film does not flinch from showing this cruelty and as such, is unforgettable. I’ve seen many horror films, but not many films which have actually horrified me. I actually dreamt about the film on the night I watched it, so I guess I’m trying to exorcise this ghost in writing. I would place it with Elen Klimov’s Come & See as a masterpiece that actually makes one feel (to some small degree) the cruelty of the acts one witnesses on the screen.

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