Christopher Hyatt, Jack Willis & “Undoing Yourself”

The following PDF – Reichian Therapy, the Technique, for Home Use (link to PDF) – was recently sent to me by a friend. It’s a text by Jack Willis which gives a pretty full regime of body work exercises based on Reich’s therapeutic work. Willis was a close colleague of New Falcon publisher and occult author Christopher Hyatt and, in fact, these exercises seem to be a much more comprehensive forms of the exercises that were later published by Hyatt as Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation.

Undoing Yourself with Eneggized Meditation

“Energized Mediation” is a shorthand for Hyatt’s work (and it seems, Willis’s) but these techniques are rooted in Reichian bodywork.  Published in this way they occupy the grey area between therapy and self-help, but they can be very powerful and the catalyst for major change – as is demonstrated by the following discussion on Dharma Overground with a few people talking about what they experienced when doing the exercises. If you are tempted to embark on this work, this might give you an idea of what to expect. There are some very astute comments here. Here is another account, of how these exercises put a user in touch with feelings of repressed sexuality.This must have been scary to go through but (one hopes) ultimately liberating.

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